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Your business is your story, your identity, and your brand. meDigital has evolved to empower the business owner to better serve and engage with customers to create more meaningful connections to drive sales and profits. meDigital comes straight out of the SynergyBox™ FOR BUSINESS+10 providing you with everything you need to propel your business promotional strategies to the next level by bringing your marketing campaigns to life through images, animation, and video to fully captivate your audience with an advanced powerful SMS and MMS marketing platform with revealing statistical insights to give your business branding the leading edge over your competitors.

Reward your Creativity

Successful mobile marketing campaigns are created with a smart platform that can deliver comprehensive yet easy-to-read reports. The meDigital platform will show you who read and interacted with your message, so you can measure performance based on direct ROI and Market Penetration of the target audience. Use meDigital to power your next campaign. 

Personalised SMS/MMS

Personalise your SMS/MMS message and easily merge first and last names.

Standout MMS

Our designers can create professional artwork to WOW your audience.

Schedule SMS/MMS

You can auto-schedule your campaign messages to go out in advance.

Analytics & Reporting

Instantly view your statistics, reports, and analytics in real-time to easily check your ROI.

Fast Support

Our helpful team can provide technical support and ready to assist with your campaigns.


Our online platform allows you to send bulk SMS and MMS in seconds.

Become a curator of your own thoughts

The meDigital app has been designed and developed to meet the branding-changing needs of small businesses to thrive in a fast-paced digital environment to maintain their competitive edge. Unlock the power of SMS & MMS. Build stronger connections with your customers by giving them an immersive and engaging experience. Take meDigital for a test drive and receive 30 SMS credit messages! We offer
a pay-as-you-go model with
NO setup FEES and
NO Lock-in Contracts.
Use me on the go.
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