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Webhost Media, has developed the SynergyOne Apps Digital Solutions package containing a suite of exclusive products and services designed for small business owners by integrating marketing strategies with Design, Images, Animations, and Videos together with SMS marketing and Website Design to Hosting and Domain Name registration for full customer engagement by keeping your customers within your business ecosystem. Bring your ideas to life with  SynergyOne Apps Digital solutions.  Visit our Flagship showroom for a complimentary ”Your Business Marketing Review Report”.

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The SynergyOne Apps Connective provides exclusive products and services designed to take your business to the next level. The SynergyOne Apps Connective package has redefined how small businesses can position their brands and compete in their industry with cut through leading edge marketing tools all under one roof to deliver total scale and equity allowing you to communicate and engage with your customers. All the services provided in the SynergyOne Apps Connective package are very affordable, set and designed specifically for the budget of every small business, and also ideal for start-ups. SynergyOne Connective allows you to interact from a self-serve mode to fully managed process services. Webhost Media can produce digital strategies and solutions for your business needs, we have invested in the latest cloud-based Multi Digital Cross Marketing Channel system through the SynergyOne Apps Digital Solutions powered by Webhost Media a centralised software platform to improve your customer engagement, retention, communication, and profitability.

SynergyOne Apps Business Services

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your business will ever need.

SynergyOne Apps Services.


Our Business Services

SynergyOne Apps is the ultimate solution to take your business to the next level. It's all that you need.

Exclusive benefits

We offer 20 of the best.

Webhost Media has developed the ultimate branding and marketing solution by implementing and designing multi-channel business digital solutions, including website design, web hosting, domain name registration, and video production to SMS and email marketing. We do it all through our exclusive Webhost Media SynergyOne Apps Connective for Business platforms. We offer tools designed to cement your business digital footprint. See below our 20 of the best services that a business will ever need to promote, grow, and lead in your industry. Respect your brand, and take your business to the next level by embracing the digital evolution.
Business Brand

We have an amazing talented and passionate team of Graphic Designers with creative ideas. We listen and take the time to meet with your Design Brief. From logo to website to complete brand identity design to make your business stand out from your competitors in a very crowded space. Creating a distinction.

Website Design & Development

Websites of the future. We can build websites for any business. We can also write and compose critical engaging content. A modern responsive website is now mandatory in establishing your brand online. We will not be beaten on pricing and service. A website is a reflection of your business.

Website cPanel

cPanel web hosting is a widely used web hosting control platform that's ideal for all small businesses. Our website hosting plans offer flexibility & security. Our hosting platform is NBN and 5G optimised for faster speeds. You will notice the difference. We also do daily website backups.

Domain Name

Webhost Media is an authorised domain name registrant meaning that your domain registration is complete with great value prices and superior service and support. Your domain name is your most visible online asset. Protect your IP by also registering your business .AU domain extension.

SSL Security

It is important to protect your website from security threats and securing your customer’s data is not just good business practice, it’s essential for online business success. We can protect your business data with up to 256-bit encryption. Be aware you have a privacy security obligation.


Email marketing is an essential part of a content and Digital Marketing Strategy. Our platform provides powerful email marketing software with drag-and-drop simplicity. MailWish gives you everything you need to run beautifully designed, professional email marketing campaigns including email templates.

Video Productions
for Business

We create engaging high 4K digital quality business video creatives for more responsive marketing results and branding exposure. Video content delivery is now at the cutting edge of equity marketing strategies to increase demand for your products and services and increase brand appeal.

Copyright Content

Writing and editing. When content quality really counts. We create authentic customer connections through copyright editorial content that allows your business to cut through the digital noise to give you a competitive advantage. We encapsulate the power of emotive words and connections.

Digital Marketing

Affordable SMS & MMS for any size business using our meDigital, the all-in-one MMS & SMS platform, that allows you to communicate & engage with your customers through video, images, or plain text. We can manage the entire process for your business with our Virtual Assistants.

Virtual Assistants for Markeing

Our VA''s can do anything any other support staff does, except bring the coffee. However, virtual support duties are targeted at digital marketing and promotions activities, web design, video productions, real estate sales, and other SynergyOne services. You can use our VAs on a monthly retainer or ad-hoc.

Digital e-Books

We create digital e-books to complement your overall business digital strategy. We produce and provide editorials in an easy-to-use format for your promotional assets. Digital e-Books look amazingly engaging with your business branding. It can be used for many marketing strategies.

Total Mobile
Video Creatives

We design Mobile Video Ads for full customer engagement. Our in-house video producers and developers can provide you with all the information you need from production to distribution using our meDigital promotion SMS platform. Each Video Ad comes with an Mp4 copyright music audio file.

Business Logo
Design Studio

We will transform your brand and your business identity. A brand is composed of multiple elements, a logo is just one element of a brand kit. We can deliver a total branding solution from graphic design and colour schemes to fully power your brand’s appeal and recognition to complement your digital identity.

Social Media Business Creatives

We produce Social Media Creatives for any business to support their Social Media presence. Your social media such as Instagram and Facebook or Youtube should complement your overall business digital strategy by making weekly contributions to gain new loyal followers and subscribers.

Total Business
Finance Services

Provided by our network partner - Mybank.com.au. Are you looking at buying a new home or investment property or refinancing or need business finance? We are here to help. We can also help with car loans and personal loans & int money transfers.

Real Estate

Provided by our network partner BPRE Real Estate showcasing thousands of properties ranging from houses, apartments, home, and land packages, and townhouses to exclusive luxury penthouses listed for sale Australia-wide. Request access to the real estate portal.

Business Buy
& Sell Services

Thinking of buying or selling your business? We can help. We have a boutique advisory firm specialising in business sales and strategic business acquisitions. We can also help with strategic business purchasing finance and loan structuring.

Car Buying

Car buying and financing without the hassle of visiting a dealership. We can help with corporate discounts on 30+ brands of motor vehicles. That's right... we can deliver corporate discounts on motor vehicle purchases to small business owners and their employees.

Credit Repair

Who are your defaults with? How quickly do you want them removed? We can help remove all types of bad credit so you can get the home loan and finance you deserve at the best rates possible!
Everything on your credit file affects you.
We can help you.


Education is of paramount importance for our children. It secures them with a strong foundation for their financial aspirations and instils confidence. We provide business owners the opportunity to support their children with University 99+ ATAR tutors to cover HSC years 7 to 12.

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Total Branding and Marketing Solutions.

Help is always here when you need it. Please get in touch with us for more information on how we can help your business grow its digital footprint. See below some of the most frequebtly asked questions to help you navigate through our SynergyOne Apps services. 

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.


Learn more about the SynergyOne Apps Connective programme.

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SynergyOne Apps Connective for Business is a suite of services for Businesses and is powered by Webhost Media and designed to promote Australian Small Businesses to evolve their digital branding to better serve, connect and engage with their customers and general consumers to help build trust and loyalty for their products and services. The SynergyOne Apps Connective solutions integrates marketing ideas with Design, Images, Animations, and Videos together with SMS marketing and Website Design to Hosting and Domain Name registration for full customer engagement by keeping your clients within your business ecosystem. You must register for your SynergyOne Apps account. There are no associated annual subscriptions fees associated with the programme. The service is provided on a time cost basis unless you are selecting web hosting, domain name registration and the MailWish services. Whilst the meDigital platform service is provided on a pay-as-you-go basis. The SynergyOne Apps Connective programme is exclusive to subscribers of Webhost Media only. We also confim that all our services are hosted in Austalia on Australian servers and Graphic Designers and Virtual Assistants are also Australian based. We do not outsource or contract overseas third parties. This gives us more control over our services and delivery process, this aspect will ensure that we minimise the risk and exposure to cyber intervention.
We have a team of talented and creative Sydney based designers and programmers and video editors all working under one roof. We do not outsource our customer’s jobs and orders. This is a fundamental value proposition of our service delivery protocols from design to video productions and editing, we do it all by controlling every step of the process. All platforms IT backups and maintenance are kept on Australian grounds. We do not outsource to overseas servers and companies nor do we subcontract  our job orders. Also our finance and real estate and education tutoring arms are wholy within our group’s ownership.
Some services can be completely undertaken on a self-service basis such as selecting a hosting plan or registering a domain name or using our meDigital SMS platform or our MailWish email markeing interface whilst other services can be fully managed by our Virtual Assistants for services requested such as, Graphic Design to Website Design and Development to Finance and Real Estate sales.
Unfortunately, we cannot consider dealing with other 3rd party hosting providers as most are based overseas and due to security and privacy concerns, we are not able to consider such requests. We also provide many other benefits to our website customers such as providing complimentary website care plan services for our customers at no cost to them, so we request that websites must be hosted by Webhost Media together with the applicable website domain name. This condition is not negotiable.  We also provide ongoing Professional Customer Support after the purchase of your website, again, subject to the Website Hosting Plan being with Webhost Media.
You can pay using any credit card or make direct credit transfers into our Webhost Media banking account. For security purposes, we do not store credit card account numbers on our servers. You will be sent payment renewal reminders at least two months prior to the service renewal. To note that requested refunds or return payment policy will be inline with industry standard protocols.
At Webhost Media, we offer annual upfront payment methods. We have discovered over time that payment arrangements made on a monthly basis provide higher servicing lapse rates which is detrimental to the customer’s business best interest as in most instances it cost additional payment to reactivate a lapsed website plan and supporting hosting services, so to make it easier for our customers we accept only annual payments in advance for all services and products. The benefit to paying annually upfront is that generally, it will be cheaper to pay in advance than on a monthly basis hence, less cashflow burden for a business owner.
Accessing your cPanel dashboard is simple. Once we activate your dashboard account you will receive your password credentials ready for you to explore and use your cPanel services and features. Many website developers will not allow you to access your hosting cPanel dashboard associated with your website by withholding password credentials to your paid subscriptions. We provide total transparency.
A website says a lot about your business. Your brand identity depends on it. This is where a Website Care Plan ensures that the core software is updated regularly to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that your website will always have access to all the latest features and the latest design themes so that your website will always look fresh, clean, and modern. We provide you with a Website Care Plan at no cost to you. Essentially, this is an ongoing Website Health Check. We undertake weekly website performance and maintenance with software upgrades including security upgrades and database back-up with multiple restore points with WordPress Core and Plugin Updates with theme upgrades. The Care Plan keeps your website running efficiently and always optimised for ongoing performance.  The Website Care Plan is subject and conditional to your Website Hosting Plan being active and current with Webhost Media. We provide the Website Care Plan on an annual renewal basis subscription and we reserve the right to alter or terminate the Website Care Plan under varying conditions covered in our website service agreement. Other service providers will charge you hefty ongoing monthly fees for these services. We provide our loyal business customers money saving products and services. Our customer support is based in Sydney Australia so you will not rely on overseas operators.
The Website Care Plan does not include general artwork services, the addition of new web page content, the addition of new video creatives, the inclusion of new website pages, changing the overall theme and colour schemes of the website, and or changing the logo after the initial deployment and delivery of your new website to the server. Any additional ‘artistic’ requirements after the completion and deployment date will be based on and charged on a time-cost basis.   Webhost Media provides a Secure Hosting Platform with a reliable, fast, that is always adapting to new technologies at affordable pricing.  We do not deal with unrelated 3rd party Website Hosting Providers outside Webhost Media Hosting, this is a condition of our service agreements. Webhost Media also provides Email Hosting Management under respective hosting plans and Domain Names registration services. Webhost Media is an accredited registered Hosting and Domain Name Registrar.
We believe in creating lasting brand identity for your business success. We specialise in dynamic design and branding solutions from logo, business cards, brochures to complete digital impressions. Our talented designers can bring your brand to life from idea to concept to finished product.
We provide a total in-house video production services including film and video shooting to video editing. We can also provide extras such as models, actors, cars and whatever is required to get the job done. We can produce videos for Social Media, Business Videos, Real Estate sales videos and Commercials to short films.
Every service provided in the SynergyOne Apps is supported by a Design Manager or a Video Producer working in collaboration with our clients. We invite you to our secure online CRM platform to share ideas, design work and draft video creatives so that you can view and review the progress of your ideas coming to life.
There is no cost associated to joining the SynergyOne Apps Connective programme, as each product and service is costed/quoted on an application basis. Essentially, offered on a pay-as-you-basis unless you select Web Hosting and MailWish, as these services are paid by annual and monthly subscriptions.
The SynergyOne Apps Connective package offers 20 of the best products and services that your business will ever need to out rank your competion. SynergyOne Apps will help your business to  redefine how to position your brand identity and compete in the market by using the 20 most popular services all under one roof to deliver total scale and equity allowing you to communicate and engage with your customers within your own ecosystem.

Bring your campaigns to life.

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SMS and MMS marketing integrated picture and video messaging takes mobile marketing to a completely new level. Gain even more engagement on your marketing campaigns with MMS picture and video messaging to bring your branding identity to life. The SynergyOne Apps Connective can be customised for any business.

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The risk of not being fully engaged in a digital platform will imminently hit your business. We see this threat as something else; we see this as an opportunity of making your business digital ready to meet future marketing challenges. The face of business digital branding is always evolving and if you and your marketing channels fall behind the curve, you’ll be playing catch-up, not catching profits. We can help turn your ideas into reality and make sure that your business is always at the forefront of digital innovation. Join us and watch your profits grow. The SynergyOne Apps Connective is designed to take your business to the next level by intergrading marketing elements using images, animations, and videos together with SMS and MMS delivery for full customer engagement. The great news is that the products and services provided within the SynergyOne Apps can be fully customised for any business from hairdressers, retailers to lawyers and accountants to medical professionals. Any business can benefit from implementing our exclusive SynergyOne Apps Connective Suite of Services.  Join the SynergyOne Apps programme. No credit card details required. 

Our hosting platform is NBN and 5G optimised for faster speeds.
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