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The average employee is wasting between 50%-80% of their day on non-work related distractions. Time wasted is money wasted, that’s money that could stay in your pocket simply by changing the way you assign your tasks. Hiring a virtual assistant frees up your time so you can focus on the work that will make money.

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We relentlessly screen for deep business experience and desire to support a winning team
We start by speaking with you to understand your business and your unique needs. Unlike other services
We’re top ranked at Virtual Assistant Assistant for good reasons. For example, we make sure you always have a trained backup VA

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SynergyOne Apps is the ultimate solution to take your business to the next level. It's all that you need.

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At Webhost Media, we hire Australian-based, detail-oriented people who strive to provide our clients with the best assistance on the planet. All Virtual Assistants go through a rigorous, multi-step vetting process that tests everything from their communication and tech skills to their creativity and resourcefulness. 


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Time Spent Actually Working While Clocked-In

The average employee is wasting between 50%-80% of their day on non-work related distractions. Time wasted is money wasted, that’s money that could stay in your pocket simply by changing the way you assign your tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Popular Questions

Theoretically, a VA can do anything any other support staff does, except bring the coffee (although, when home-delivery coffee is created, the VA will be able to do that too). However, virtual support duties are not limited to clerical work. Many VAs provide marketing, web design, bookkeeping, and other services.Some virtual assistants specialize in a specific skill set.
The first step in hiring a virtual assistant is to make a list of the tasks you want to outsource. Make a complete list, prioritizing the activities you want to delegate first. For example, if managing email is time-consuming and tedious, put that at the top of your list. Or maybe tech issues are taking too much time, and you can outsource website management.
While virtual support is a great home business idea, getting virtual help is crucial for home business owners to maximize income and facilitate growth. As a home business owner, there comes a time at which it’s impossible to do everything oneself, at least well enough to be efficient and effective. Hiring a virtual assistant frees up your time so you can focus on the work that will make money.
The first step is to determine the type of service you want to offer and two whom. Will you specialize in a specific task, such as graphic design or bookkeeping? Will you focus on a niche market, such as online entrepreneurs or realtors? Once you know what you’re offering, you’ll want to set up your price for services, which can be per hour or you can sell packages to recruit long-term clients.
You’ll want to check with your city or county regarding a business license, but if you’re fully equipped to provide virtual support services, that could be your only start-up expense.Once you’re all set up, you can begin finding clients by contacting your network online and off to let them know about your service. Consider setting up a LinkedIn page or a website.
So, you know you’ve got what it takes to be successful but aren’t exactly sure where to start? That’s okay. You want to make sure you get started the right way. This will help you gain your footing and ultimately grow a successful business. The last thing you want to do is get started without a plan in place. To go into the VA field you need a well thought out strategy!
It’s much easier to find potential clients, land jobs, and establish yourself as an expert when you’re focused on a particular group. And becoming an expert is what you should be aiming for. As an expert, you can command higher rates and will have clients seeking out your services rather than you constantly tracking down your next gig. I always recommend to pick a niche.
One of the great things about the VA profession is that so many diverse backgrounds translate well to virtual assisting. Of course, anyone with admin or clerical experience likely knows a few tricks of the trade to providing standout professional support, but teachers, stay-at-home parents, and accountants possess many of the traits needed to succeed too!
This particular VA niche has exploded in recent years, and shows no signs of stopping. It seems like every day there’s a new social platform to conquer and different best practices to follow. As a social media virtual assistant, you can be the pro that helps businesses, bloggers and brands attract new readers and grow a loyal audience.Bloggers are usually needed everywhere.
Sellers may have their own sites or use a combination of popular platforms. Some of the most common ways to sell online include Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and Shopify. While you likely won’t be handling physical merchandise as an ecommerce VA, you will help run the day-to-day operations of a store. This is a great opportunity to use your real world retail skills in a virtual setting!

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