Respect your brand with immersive video creatives

We produce high quality digital business videos.

At Webhost Media, we can produce a widespread engagement promotional video for your brand in your field or your last seasonal collection. We can create an original, professional, and high-quality video that will help you make more sales and create lasting brand impressions. The combinations are endless!

Be impressed and sign up for our exclusive SynergyOneApps program and take your business to the next level.

Our Services

SynergyOne Apps is the ultimate solution to take your business to the next level. It's all that you need.


We create engaging high digital quality Business Video Creatives for more responsive marketing results. Video content delivery is now at the cutting edge of equity marketing strategies to increase demand for your products and services. We provide the most affordable Video Marketing Creatives in the industry, a big statement, however, we back it up with results by providing only the best products and services. See More.

When words become unclear, USE A video creative.

We pride ourselves in delivering online services and managing online key drivers in support of our customers' changing needs.

If you are going to be successful, your business needs to be able to grow and change quickly, at Webhost Media we will give you the best advice for all your branding elements whether for printing, promotional or digital, and video for websites and smart phones for greater online customer marketing engagement. See More.

Respect your brand with immersive video creatives.


Mobile Video Creatives

Mobile Banner Creatives to increase customer enquiries and general sales. 

A Video Creative can communicate over 1,500,000 words over a 60 seconds video stream. That is a powerful endorsement of the marketing potential that a video can transmit. When words become unclear, use a Mobile Video Creative. A Video Makes it all real.

Use a Mobile Banner Creatives to compliment your Mobile Marketing strategy for full impact and customer engagement. 

We Produce Mobile Banner Ads & Social Media Creatives!



Build customer engagement and loyalty with mobile branded creatives for any business.


Mobile Video Ads for Inspiration

Take your business branding to the next level with Mobile Video Ads Creatives for full customer engagement. Our in-house video designers and developers can provide you with all the information you need from design, production to distribution using our meDigital promotional platform. See below some marketing Video Ads ideas for inspiration.  Each Video Ad comes with an Mp4 music audio file.


Video Powers Your Brand.

We can produce a widespread engagement promotional video for your brand in your field or your last seasonal collection. We can create an original, professional, and high-quality video that will help you make more sales. The combinations are endless!


Promote Your Brand With Apparel Videos

More Video Stats

1 %
Mobile Video

75% of all video plays being watched are on mobile devices such as smartphones

1 %
Learn with video

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.

1 %
Video Sharing

92% of users watching videos on mobile will share them with friends and family.

Find the plan that
works for you!

This Hair Dressing Salon video is a high-end Video Creative production. Our film producer will be called for on-site filming. A special film creative quote will be provided after the initial consultation.

Video Production Pricing

Find below the most competitive Video Creative production pricing in Australia. These plans have our creative designers produce videos based on our wide stock video creatives library ready for editing and customisation to meet your businesses' needs.

Mobile Video ads Creatives

Professional HD quality
$ 385
/ Complete
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram Stories
  • Pinterest
  • High quality stock video
  • Can integrate own video
  • Include music audio file
  • High quality stock images

Website Video Creative

Professional 4K HQ quality
$ 685
/ Complete
  • No Cost with Website
  • We upload to Website
  • High quality stock video
  • High quality stock images
  • Includes animated logo
  • Can integrate own video
  • Includes music audio file
  • Includes video animation

Onsite Video Production

Professional 4K quality
/ Complete
  • Custom production
  • Onsite film shoot
  • Extras, models provided
  • Script production
  • Total editing solutions
  • Voice overs provided
  • Special effects provided
  • Professional equipment


  • The cost of the Website Video Creative is waived when packaged with a Website & Hosting Plan provided by Print Magic/Webhost Media.
  • The Website Video Creative is a 60 second production ideal for website displays and product and services promotions. Perfect to showcase your looks, designs, events, Instagram profile, product marketing, brand, shop, clothing advertisement, sports, travel plans or past trips.
  • The Mobile Video Ads Creatives is a 60 second production ideal for SMS Mobile Video Ads marketing & for social media marketing & sharing 
  • On-site Video Production is a high-end Video Creative production ideal for promoting your brand and services to take your business to the next level.
  • The on-site Video Production requires our filming crew to take raw video spread over a few hours or more to capture the theme of the story line. 
  •  All videos creatives are produced in-house for quality control. 
  • Production includes editing and colour grading and sound, sending the draft film to client before final product is completed and ready for marketing.
  • All on-site Video Productions costs and processes will be quoted and all terms must be agreed upon prior to filming crew start filming date.   
Grow with us

We can make a widespread engagement promo video for your brand in your field or your last seasonal collection. We can create an original, professional, and high-quality video that will help you make more sales. The combinations are endless!

Be a part of the communty

Take part and join the Webhost Media ‘V’ List Offers Community for exclusive offers on products and services throughout the year.  We have an extensive suite of products and services to support your business marketing digital strategy and printing assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create the videos?

We use Video Editors and other professional software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, to produce and deliver a professional video for your business. Our videos include animation assets including logo animations, intros, outros, lower thirds, transitions, and more. We do all the hard work. Your video also includes licensed music files. All videos are delivered in MP4 file format and protected under licence.

Why use Video as a marketing strategy?

Video marketing is today considered essential marketing assets to gain full audience and customer engagement. Using video marketing strategies can really power up your brand appeal and business reach in the market place. We keep video production and creation costs down to help you grow your digital branding footprint by promoting and utilising the full suite of Webhost Media’s products and services.

Can I choose my own music files for my video?

Every video comes with its own specific audio track. Our video producers select the best music file options from our extensive audio file library. Essentially, we produce our videos with multiple ‘default’ audio files for different videos. All our selected music is used under copyright license so that license is extended over to you. We must always respect copyright laws for music audio files. We protect ourselves by protecting you.

Are the videos optimised for mobile devices?

All our video creatives are produced to be fully optimised and responsive for both Mac and PC and all other mobile devices. We test your final video creative to make sure that it is fully mobile-optimised to help your mobile users. We note that 75% of all video plays being watched are on mobile devices such as smartphones so it is very important that your videos are fully supported to maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Can you produce Social Media video ads?

We can produce all types of video creatives for all social media platforms. We specialise in video ads that promote your products and services covering sales promotions, membership sign-ups and social events and invitations, we can produce the right video ads and banners for any business for any occasion. Each social media creative also comes with a selected licensed audio music file. You get the complete package.

How do I market my video creative?

For your new video creatives to be cutting edge and effective they must be delivered to your customers and audience in the most efficient and cost-effective way so that it maximises your ROI. We recommend the meDigital SMS & MMS platform for any size business. We can assist in setting up your business with our all-in-one MMS & SMS Marketing System to communicate with your customers through video, images, or plain text. 

The Video Guide Brief

Please complete the Video Guide Brief
so that we
can better prepare for your project.

We use unique, custom-built tools to give your business the edge.

Webhost Media can produce digital strategies and solutions for your business needs, we have invested in the latest cloud-based Multi Digital Cross Marketing Channel system and created the SynergyOne Apps Digital platforms for Business to improve your customer engagement, retention, communication, and profitability. Please complete the Video Guide Brief below so that we can better prepare for your project. Once submitted we will provide you with a detailed Video Production Proposal for your consideration. 

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